Monday, August 1, 2011

It's the Little Things-Going to the Movies

There are quite a few movies out this summer that I would prefer to see at the movie theater. It's a similar experience in Germany, but there are a few little differences.

*Most movies shown are dubbed in German. There are some movie theaters that show films in the original language films. For us this means a bit of trip to one of these theaters.
*When buying your tickets, they are expensive here too, be sure to take a close look at it. There are assigned seats in the movie theater.
*In addition to popcorn and soda, the concessions also sell beer, sometimes sparkling wine, and coffee. Of course, you can also find candy!
*Once you find your assigned seat, watch the movie and enjoy your snacks. About halfway through the movie, there will be an intermission-perfect time for a restroom break.
*On your way out at the end of the movie, make sure to put any glass bottles in the crate for recycling! 

Enjoy your night out at the movies!

1 comment:

  1. Even after 10 years of living in Germany, I just cannot stand to watch English-speaking films in German. It's the worst. I also find the concessions in German theaters a bit wacky. But hey, to each his own.

    At Rhein Main, the US Army base that closed, you could go to the pizza place next door and order a large pie, then bring that into the theater with you and lounge in the huge comfy chairs. Now that was a nice experience! Not to mention always insane cheap and movies long before they made it to Germany.

    When we lived in Switzerland briefly in 2001, they actually allowed smoking in the theater still -- that was unexpected. Plus they play all the movies in their original language which is wonderful.