Monday, July 25, 2011

A Few Reasons Why You Should Take a Train in Europe

I've taken the train a few times in Europe, mostly for short trips and I've decided this is the way to travel.  After a trip to Berlin on a Deutsche Bahn ICE train, I came up with a few reasons for why train travel is so great.

1. Traffic-there is none! We traveled from Mannheim to Berlin in a quick 5 hours with no traffic jams, construction tie-ups, or stop lights.

2. Leg room-There was plenty of leg room for our long legs. We sat back, stretched out, and relaxed the whole way.

3. Reading-I can't read in the car, but I had no problems on train. I sat back with my new magazines and book and was able to enjoy the passing time.

4. Peace-not one argument about where to turn, which exit to take, or the best parking spot.

5. Green-We didn't have to fill up with gas. Public transportation is a more "green" way to travel.

6. Time-The trains were on time, quick, and efficient.

7. Parking-can be avoided! Parking can be expensive and a garages much too small. Traveling by train takes you into the heart of the city without trying to find a legal spot for the car.

If you're in Europe, I would recommend taking advantage of the trains to travel between cities.

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  1. I am COMPLETELY IN AGREEMENT WITH YOU about European trains!@ I love them.

    LOVE THEM!!!

    We just took them to see Pompeii.

    And before that to Florence.

    And next week we're taking them to Arezzo & Cortona.

    They're in my budget, which is small, but I actually like them SO MUCH BETTER than driving and flying!!!

    Please, if you get a chance, stop by my blog to leave a comment on my first giveaway for a chance to win. Thank you!!!