Thursday, July 14, 2011

Searching for the Perfect Souvenir

I love souvenirs and am always looking for that perfect item that will bring back great memories from our travels. I also want souvenirs that are unique, not the same tourist stuff everyone else has, which isn't always easy to find, especially since I'm on a budget and I have to pack light. I've started several collections- pottery, posters, Christmas ornaments, etc. to help me narrow down my choices, but I always try to find something I'll want to use or display in the future when we no longer live in Europe. Here are a few examples of some things we've found.

In Turkey we bought this beautiful rug from a nomadic weaving center. It hangs on our wall, now, I can't bear to actually step on it.

This is from the small French town of Soufflenheim, which is known for it's pottery.

I found these eggs in Boleslawiec, Poland and they are perfect to decorate for spring. I am still looking for the perfect basket to display them.

These were some inexpensive magnets I found in Barcelona. This mosaic style was everywhere.

We have a huge collection of glassware that I have run out of room to display. We don't actually use many of them, except for these great glasses.

I plan to continue the search on my upcoming adventures. Any ideas?

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  1. We do the Christmas ornament thing, collecting something small from our tree everywhere we go. We've got little beer steins from every Oktoberfest and bottles of schnapps from our wedding. Every year when we put the tree together, it brings back tons of memories and we always proudly display the new stuff where everyone will notice. Our only problem is finding a German tree which is full enough to hold them all -- the trees here are just not the same in the US :)